Frequently Asked Questions

magicJack Auto Dialer

1. The program could not find the magicJack program automatically. What should I do?

You need to select the location of the program manually. Right-click the icon in the system tray, select Preferences... and look under Location of the magicJack program, it will tell you what to look for.

2. I don't want the program to start automatically with Windows. How can I disable it?

Right-click the icon in the system tray, select Preferences...

3. I need to turn off the magicJack Auto Dialer for a moment.

Right-click the icon in the system tray and uncheck Automatic Mode.

Hyper-practical Personal Organizer

1. What is the difference between a task and a personal reminder?

A task is an activity that needs to be accomplish on a particular date. A reminder is not tied to a specific date but weekday(s). For instance, if you have an appointment on November 19 at 6PM, you should enter it as a task. If you need to take antibiotics twice a day, you should enter it as a daily reminder.

2. What is the purpose of the reminder's interval?

The interval allows you to create multiple alarms from a single reminder. The reminder's alarm is triggered at the specified interval.


  • For those of us who spend long hours in from of their computer screen, it is recommended to detach their eyes form the screen every 15 minutes and to focus on something a little further away. Here the solution is to create a daily remidner for instance from 8AM to 5PM with a 15-minute interval.
  • If you ought to take your medicine twice a day, you should create a 12-hour interval reminder.

3. I have an activity that I need to accomplish once a day, therefore I do not need an interval. How should I program it?

Create a reminder at the desired time but do not enter an end time. Your reminder's alarm will ring once at the specified time.

4. Is it possible to deactivate an alarm?

Yes. Whether you are in the task or reminder window, clicking on the alarm icon will deactivate it if it is activated and activate it if it is deactivated.

5. Why is the interval dropdown list disabled?

It is enabled only once you have entered an end time (see also question 3).

6. When I hover a task the tooltip does not always appear. Why?

The tooltip only appears for the selected task or reminder.

7. What does the X sometimes encountered at the left end of a reminder means?

It means that the reminder is not applicable (anymore) to today's date, ie. that no alarms will be triggered from now to the end of the day. It could be that the alarm was already triggered or that it was never applicable to today.

8. How should I use the priority feature?

Priorities serve only one purpose, ie. sorting tasks.

Tasks with a time appear first in the list. They are sorted in the following order: first by chronological order, second by descending priority order and third by alphabetical order.

Timeless tasks appear after tasks with a time. They are sorted by descending priority order then by alphabetical order.

Priorities are therefore mostly useful to sort timeless taks which may be more numerous and which it may be useful to sort by importance or urgency, ie. by priority.

Our recommendation is therefore to use priorities only with timeless tasks which will increase the readibility of your tasks list. This remains nonetheless a personal preference.

9. How to I select multiple tasks or reminders to move or delete them?

If the items are next to one another, select the first item, hold the SHIFT key and select the last. All items in between the two will be automatically selected.

If the items are not next to one another, selec them holding the CTRL key.

Once the items selected, do a right-click and select the action of your choice in the contextual menu.

10. Can I use custom sounds?

Yes. In the Options window, you can add any wav or mp3 files to the list of rings.

11. Can the program be automatically started when Windows starts?

The program's installer automatically adds an entry in your registry for that purpose. If for any reason, the entry is gone, simply reinstall the program.

If it still does not work, you can simply add a shortcut of the program in the Startup group of All programs. (or drag and drop the program icon in the Startup group).

12. How can I uninstall the program?

From your Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs).

13. What database engine does the program use?

None. Data is saved in xml format. Installation is therefore simpler and the program swifter, considering the low number of items created under a normal useage of the program.

14. How can I ensure that past activities do not clutter my computer's hard drive?

The files created by the applications are really small. Nonetheless, to ensure that you are not keeping unnecessary information, erase activities from past days. It is simple: in the dropdown calendar, you can tell which days have activities (there are highlighted). Go to these dates, select all items and delete them in a single operation (see question 9).


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