The Hyper-practical Personal Organizer

The Hyper-practical Personal Organizer allows you to organize your tasks of the day, set daily reminders, take notes, find your contacts basic information and manage events and birthdays.

NOTE: In the screenshots below, the time format shown uses the AM/PM format but date and time formats are inherited from your Windows Regional Settings, so if you are using the 24-hour format, the program will display times in 24 hour format in your computer.

The Main Screen Tabs

The main screen shows five tabs: one for your tasks, one for your reminders, one for your events, one for your notes and one for your contacts.

Tasks Tab

Reminders Tab

In case the description of your task or reminder is too long to be displayed in the main window, select it and a tooltip will appear showing the full description.

Creating a task or a reminder

To create a new tasks, 3 methods: the item under the main menu (1), a right-click anywhere under the tasks tab(2) or a double-click in the free space below the last task of the list (3).

The smae methods are available for creating reminders.

The task window allows you to specify the date, time (opcional), priority (opcional), desciption and alarm parameters of the task.

The reminder window allows you to enter the days of the week for which the reminder will be activated, the start time, the end time (opcional), the interval (optional), the description and the alarm parameters of the reminder.

The alarms

If an alarm is set, it will appear at the set time at the bottom of your screen, offering you 3 choices of action.

A few tricks

To move to the next day, use the > button.
To move one week at a time, use the >> button.
To move backwards, use the equivalent buttons in the other direction.
To come back to today's screen, use the Today button.

To go directly to a specific date, use the dropdown calendar:

Please note that the highlighted day are the days that already have tasks.

See also our FAQ section of the technical support page.


Download version 2.0.3 (26 MB)
Windows Version only.

The Hyper-practical Personal Organizer requires Windows XP (with .NET Framework 2.0 which is installed if your XP version is up-to-date), Windows Vista or Windows 7.



v. 1.2.2 (2.6 MB)
Windows Version only.