The magicJack Auto Dialer

This program is only useful to magicJack™ owners. We do not sell nor endorse magicJack™.

The magicJack Auto Dialer automatically starts up with Windows and runs in the background.

Whenever you copy a phone number to the clipboard, it dials it using magicJack. This means that in whatever application you are (email program, Web browser, etc.), if you highlight a phone number and press CTRL+C, magicJack will automatically dial that number.

There is an icon in the system tray. See the second icon below: the phone is green. It means that the program is in Automatic Mode, ie. it will dial any phone number you copy to the clipboard.

If you right-click the icon and unchek Automatic Mode,


the phone will become white to indicate you are not in Automatic Mode anymore (this can be useful if you just want to copy a phone number to an address book and don't want to dial it!).

Preferences window

As you saw in the screenshot above, you have a Preferences command in the right-click menu. The Preferences window let you:

  • choose whether you want the program to automatically start in Automatic or Manual mode, or if you want it to remember the mode used when closing the program.
  • define what your phone numbers look like in your area. By default, this is set for North America, ie. dial only 10 digits number after having stripped the long distance prefix, in case it is included.
  • select your magicJack program, in case the magicJack AutoDialer does not locate it automatically.

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™magicJack is a registered trademark of magicJack LP.


Download version (560KB)
Windows Version only.

The magicJack Auto Dialer requires Windows XP (with .NET Framework 2.0 which is installed if your XP version is up-to-date), Windows Vista or Windows 7.